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Who wears short shorts? Josh wears short shorts!

As I oblivious as I was to running technique and training skills, I was just as oblivious to understanding what appropriate running gear is. I simply thought a lite shirt, mesh shorts and sneakers were the way to go. Those things worked out at first, but only at first. What you wear is very important and can really impact the quality of your running, as well as the comfort and safety.
Mesh shorts are great to wear for when I am lifting and am not doing long periods of cardiovascular exercise which produces a great amount of sweat. I recall one of my first long runs on the track in my home town being very challenging. I had lost around 15 pounds and was putting in a 10 mile run. Continue reading

Metal, Moms and My Muscles

I find it to be interesting, in my experience, how the feeling of being at the bottom of the barrel can provide an opportunity to climb back to the top.  Recently, I have experienced this on a few levels, one of which is on an active level.  Grieving is a beast that takes shape in many forms and I never know how it is going to develop, go into hiding or blow up by the next day.  As of late, it has blown up.  Recognizing this is healthy and so is the experience.  Ups and downs of grieving are to be expected.  Well, that’s my opinion.

These down times can really hit me in many different ways.  Over the last month I have felt a real decline in having the emotional energy and drive to work out and train for the marathon in December.  Unfortunately, I have had to step back from this event as I simply do not have enough time to properly train with out risking a serious injury.  Only having 2 months to climb from 4 mile runs to a 22 mile training run is not safe.  As I have always said, I must honor my limits. Continue reading