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I need a date for the 2014 marathon!

The marathon is about three and a half months away from now and I still have something very important to figure out: who my guide is going to be. This is a very important part of the marathon. This is not simply about finding someone who will do something for me. Rather, it is about finding someone who will be something with me. The mission I have is only successful as a partnership and that is exactly what I see my guide runners as. We are partners, we put in equal effort and have as much invested as the other. Most importantly, there is mutual respect for one another. Continue reading

Losing vision – I will walk a little slower, but run a little faster

I have been reflecting on what has been posted on this blog. There is much about perspective, successes in culture and challenges in culture towards disability as well. I have written about the feelings I experience when I run and what this has meant for others. Many powerful and important topics have been covered on this blog and in my outreach. On the other hand, I have neglected to write about something that is not only important, but inevitable to experience in my life and others who are in a similar situation as myself. That experience is the feeling of realizing when your vision has further dwindled… the feeling of knowing that something just happened that never would have happened in the past. The feeling of telling yourself it was just a random accident and that you were spacing out. Continue reading

It will fucking match

Today, the Boston Athletics Association has opened a registration window for those who made it past the half marathon point on the day of the 2013 marathon but did not make it past the finish line.  Approximately 5,300 runners acount for this cohort.  I am one of them.  We must still pay for the registration process, but do not have to raise a minimum amount for a charrity to register, as many of us had achieved that for the 2013 marathon.  I think this opportunity is the best that the BAA could have offered and I am extremely thankful.

I was recently featured in an article hosted on and the writer/owner of this great blog, Rob, wrote that he wonders how many runners will take up the BAA on this opportunity.  Continue reading