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Let’s make a movie

My recent trip to Perkins School for the Blind was incredible.  It was nothing less than a beautiful honor to be invited to come and talk with visually impaired youth who are thinking about the future; graduating high school, the possibility for college, achieving independence and as I view it, claiming the life they desire and deserve.  Obviously, this journey is filled with challenges and I did not shy from this.  As I told them, it is not all puppies and rainbows.  You will have very difficult and challenging days, but you must push on if you want what you are after.  We had a wonderful conversation and had many things in common with one another.  One of the young women in this group had told me that I was inspiring.  I heard her shout this when they left the room and I felt many things towards this.  The most important was the strong feeling that I must do more.

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I Come Clean in a Radio Interview…

I recently had the fortunate opportunity to connect with a wonderful woman named Katie. She actually works for the Talking Information Center Network in the state of Mass and frequently helps produce stories and interviews for a program called “Horizons”. “Horizons” airs on the Reading Network, which is a radio station hosted by the Mass Commission for the Blind. We talked about my life, marathon training, my mission, and my hopes for the future. This is around 25 minutes and really goes in depth. Please be sure to check it out and help spread this new post!

Go to the link below and then go to the heading “Horizons”.  Then click on the link that says “Horizons (Wednesday) 05/02/2013” and the interview will start playing.

Marathon Update: Josh & Caitlyn Are Safe

Hi Friends – this is Josh’s friend Lori.  I’ve been a bit behind the scenes helping Josh with this blog.  In light of the recent explosions at the finish line for the Boston Marathon, I wanted to jump on and let you know that Josh and Caitlyn are doing well in the race (go buds, go!) and they was unharmed in the explosions.  At this time we are unaware of any injuries incurred by any fans or supporters of the pair but will update this as news is known.  Sending good thoughts to everyone involved.

We Run for Hope

I have written a few drafts for my last post before the marathon.  All of them have been decent, but were not written in the right mind set.  It is difficult to describe what I mean by this.  I just knew it was not time.  It is now 1:08 in the morning on April 13th and I just got home from the bar.  I’ll answer your question: I am not drunk.  I met up with a dear old friend who is in town and had myself a nice little nonalcoholic drink for the night.  I gotta keep this blood line clean for Monday.  I stopped in at a place to grab a quick bite to eat on the way home and enjoyed the long walk.  The city is asleep and it feels like I am the only one in existence.  My thoughts are uninterrupted.  I can now write my last post.

How do I feel?  Curious and strong.  I am curious as to how I will do on Monday.  My training has been impaired due to physical injury, but has also been impaired due to my broken heart.  Despite all of this, I have tried as hard as I can to prepare.  I have been seeing a trainer at my local gym, I have been running as hard as possible for the short amount of time that I have had outside of my injuries and have simply done all that I possibly could have given the intense circumstances that surround this marathon.  I have indeed pushed on as much as I can, and I am proud.  I will be proud for where ever I land on Monday. Continue reading

Another Video & Another Chance to Make a Difference

Here is a wonderful video interview that I was fortunate enough to do for and I think it sheds a little more light on some of the deeper meaning behind the marathon for me.  My friend Pamela Bajada was my guide runner for that day and she ran in the 2010 Boston half with me as well. Running Blind

I am currently at $2,465 with fund raising!!!!!  The support has been incredible and it deeply moves me.  I have just $1,500 left to meet my minimum goal of $4,000 and any donation of any size would mean the world.  Also, folks will be entered to win a $250 voucher to an airline of their choice as well a a pair of Red Sox tickets!  Please do what you can to help support this and spread the word.  Every donation will be entered into the raffle as well; $5, $10 and $1,000,000!  A million bucks?  You never know!

Here is the direct link to donate as well:

I’ll be posting my final big entry in a few days… Stay tuned!

La Agua

At about this time last year, just days before the marathon, I had a dream that I was burned alive.  I then checked the weather forecast and a heat wave was predicted to hit Boston during the marathon.  That heat wave came and destroyed me on the day of the marathon, with hundreds of others on course and thousands who passed on running that day and use their entrance for the 2013 marathon instead.  Well, I had another interesting dream last night.

This one did not involve fire, but water.  I was at the beach on a sunny day.  However, I felt uneasy about the day, something was making me nervous or anxious.  I was with a young woman and I could see her face.  Although I can not see faces in true life, I some times dream and am able to see faces.  I always love those dreams.  I would be telling lies if I said there is nothing I miss from when I could once see; nothing will beat a beautiful set of eyes.  Especially a beautiful woman.  Some eyes are like gorgeous marbles that you can get lost in.  There is an endless interpretation of their color, sparkle and spirit.  It’s true.

I could see all of these things in this woman, but I can not tell you who she was.  I do not know if it was someone I know or if it was actually a stranger who I could see.  Someone meant to be there, or just some random person.  I was standing next to her, when I turned around and saw a massive wave coming in our direction.  I think it was much more of a tidal wave, actually.  Some how, with out words, she told me that she could not move.  She was laying on the sand but had no ability to move.  In a split second I picked her up and began to carry her.  Continue reading


It’s official. My bib number is 23265.  We’re just a few days away…

Thanks for Tuning In…

At this time, I am taking a leap and hoping you’ve seen the wonderful segment about my run, training (with my wonderful guide runner), and Dana Farber from CBS Boston. (If not, please check it out here – it was such an incredible experience to film and opportunity to spread the word.)

Screenshots from CBS Interview

With that said, thank you so much for coming to check out my blog and learn more about why I am running in the Boston Marathon.  This blog is pretty intimate; there’s a lot of honesty and sincerity here for you to explore.  I hope it touches you and moves you towards something beautiful.  Is that vague? Yes.  However, my hope is that this blog, my journey, will touch people in different ways, as the stories of others have touched me.

Please grab a seat and stay awhile – stay connected, share this blog and feel free to reach out to me directly here or by e-mail ([email protected]) at any time.

Also, please consider making a donation to Dana-Farber in the name of my run.  They were incredible to my family with care and treatment for my father – they made every bump in the road a little less harsh and gave us so much love and resources.  They never gave up, just as my father never gave up… which he said he learned from me.

Mom & Dad

This is for you, mom and dad.

Power of Music

I just realized that I have hardly spent any time talking about music and what it means to me.  I have mentioned the importance of music here and there but the amount of space it takes up in text on this blog barely reflects the amount of space it takes up in my heart.  That was cheesy.  Gosh, where to start?

My sister asked for and received an acoustic guitar for Christmas when I was in the 5th grade.  At that time, she was in the 8th and wanted to become the next Alanis-Jewel-UK indie rock singer/song writer.  There seemed to be some interest but it did not really take off.  Like many beginner instruments, it started to collect dust in her closet and went into hibernation.

As I graduated from 8th grade, my sister graduated from high school and took off for college.  This left her room unattended and free for new use.  I was bored one day and took out the acoustic guitar that had gone untouched for so many years.  I could find no true pick so I cut off the corner of an old credit card my parents had lying around the house.  I can weakly remember playing anything musical; it was all noise and exploration.  I kept this poor attempt up for several months and then I was fortunate enough to have received guitar lessons for Christmas of my freshmen year in high school.  I was extremely excited.  I could finally figure out how to play the damn thing. Continue reading

Lights, Camera, Action!

Several weeks ago, Dana-Farber reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to offer my story as part of their media outreach for the coming marathon.  I was deeply honored and moved by this consideration and promptly said yes to their gracious request.  The outreach team interviews different runners, compiles a story and then sends this story out to various media outlets.  Communication had been quite for a little while, but I just found out that Channel 4 News in Boston wants to feature/interview me for part of their marathon coverage.  This is awesome.

I will hopefully (pending weather) be connecting with Channel 4 on Monday or Wednesday to take some footage of Caitlyn and I running/training.  I believe we will also do the interview at the same time! (Update: The interview happened and can be seen here!)

Additionally, a website called has reached out to me and also wants to feature me on their web site with a 2 or 3 minute video of a similar nature.  I was contacted by a representative via email who discovered me through the Boston Globe article I had been featured in last year.  I also immediately said yes to this opportunity.  This site focuses on positive news/media and works hard to bring positive, inspiring and constructive stories to the public.  I very much dig this.

I am incredibly thankful and humbled by these opportunities I am being offered, and for Caitlyn being cool with joining in on all of this.  As I had said, “I never said being in the media was part of the gig”.  Good thing she is adventurous. Continue reading