Running For Change

The Guide Runners

2013 Boston Marathon:


Caitlyn Donovan
For the 2013 Boston Marathon, my guide runner will be Caitlyn Donovan.  Caitlyn is a   wonderful young woman who actually works for AccessportAmerica, the charity I ran for in 2012.  I met Caitlyn at an event for AccessportAmerica in late 2012 and got into conversation about marathon running.  She was foolish and mentioned to me that she was also a runner.  I reached out the next day to Caitlyn as I still needed a runner for the 2013 marathon and asked if she would serve as my sole guide runner.  Amazingly, she found great joy with the idea in running 26.2 miles with me and said yes.  I am very honored to have her be my running partner and know things will go very well!

2012 Boston Marathon:

Mike Horrigan
I met Mike my first year at UNH, back in fall of 2005.  We both lived in the same residence hall and he was my neighbor.  Brent (my room mate) and I became good friends with Mike and his two other room mates, Tony and Jeff.  We lived in a chemical free residence hall and easily managed to find ways to still get our kicks.  We were goofs and often found ourselves lovingly annoying our RA and Resident Director.  Mike and I maintained a solid friendship ever since that fall and have become quite close over the past six years.  He has a grand and warm heart.  I would say that is what is most evident about this dear friend of mine.  I am assigning Mike to start the race with me, not because he is the most in shape, but because it is going to be a comical first three miles trying to avoid collisions with other runners.  Our reactions, expressions and commentary will be priceless.

Doug Trudell
I met Doug in Fall of 2007.  I was entering my second year as an RA and Doug was just beginning the ride of his life as being an RA.  I must say, that is and will always be one of the best times of my life.  The 2007-2008 year at UNH was filled with new friendships, wonderful residents and a year of personal growth.  That staff was one of the strongest staffs I will have the pleasure of ever working with, no question.  Doug is a highly energetic, contagious and brightening person to have around.  He knows how to mix work with pleasure and brings everyone into an atmosphere where we do not feel like we are working.  He now also lives in Boston and works at Perkins School for the Blind.  I reached out to Doug for many obvious reasons, but the most important one being that he has been a persistant athlete his entire life.  He was greatly into track in high school and kept very active in college.  He will work with me from roughly mile 9 to mile 18.  I chose Doug for this leg of the run because he will know exactly how to keep the balance of work and play going as I move through the middle portion of the marathon and begin to feel intense fatigue.  Things will start to become challenging and he will know exactly how to see me through the beginning difficult phases of the run.

Dan O’Hara
I spent five years at UNH and am proud of that fact.  During my final year, I worked as a Senior Resident Assistant.  Essentialy, it is like being an Assistant Resident Director.  You have responsibilities in supervising RAs, advising hall council and helping the RD manage a staff of highly energetic and amazing RAs.  I had loved being an RA nd was seriously considering going to graduate school to earn a M.A. or M.Ed. in higher education to make this work a life-long career.  I knew the SRA position would be an excellent experience and test as to whether I was made for this work.  A test it surely was.

Dan was my Resident Director, supervisor, and I am now proud to say, wonderful friend that year.  That year was filled with many challenges in my duties as well as in my personal life.  I found myself not living up to my own expectations, struggling to find balance in work and relationships and was experiencing a serious loss of vision.  I was not a big fan of life at the time and was entering serious anxiety issues.  I could hardly sleep and found myself falling sleep at random times as my body tried to make up for the lack of sleep.  I had seen better days, that is for sure.

I came pretty close to resigning just as we entered winter break.  I had discussed it with a few of my friends and sat down with Dan to talk about what was going on for me and what my thoughts were.  He handled it all pretty well and understood where I was coming from.  He never told me that “he did not think I should resign” or anything phrased as such.  He told me that he believed in me and that I was doing a fine job.  I do not remember exactly what Dan said, but it worked.  I went and thought about my options and realized that I had worked far too hard to earn that position and opportunity to give up on it.  It is that exact support that I will need for the last 9 miles of the Boston Marathon; someone telling me to keep going, to keep fighting, someone telling me I have worked far too hard to give up and someone who has seen me at a low, but that has seen me rise above it all.  Dan has also turned into quite the runner over the past 2 years and ran a marathon in Vermont in the summer of 2011.  He is the total package for me in what I need for the last leg of the marathon and will sprint with me like mad once he reads me the last distance sign to the finish line.