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I need a date for the 2014 marathon!

The marathon is about three and a half months away from now and I still have something very important to figure out: who my guide is going to be. This is a very important part of the marathon. This is not simply about finding someone who will do something for me. Rather, it is about finding someone who will be something with me. The mission I have is only successful as a partnership and that is exactly what I see my guide runners as. We are partners, we put in equal effort and have as much invested as the other. Most importantly, there is mutual respect for one another.

I am looking for a running partner for the coming marathon and am hoping to connect with a few people. As always, I am looking to connect with new running friends for casual runs and other events. However, finding a partner for Boston this year is a bit different and it will only come to me when I feel like I have found someone I have connection with who can also meet the same goal time as I. For this year, I am hoping to pull off a 3:45:00. The crowds are going to be huge this year, so who knows how realistic going after a specific time actually is. At the end of the day, it just needs to be under 5 hours. I am also looking for someone who is willing to possibly be featured in any sort of media coverage. The 2013 marathon had a lot of opportunity for this and I am not too sure how 2014 is going to be, but I prefer someone who is not camera shy 

Finding the right guide is almost like dating; it takes a few tries, we need to get to know one another and it may take some shopping around until you find the right one. I know that crossing the finish line this year is going to be very, very emotional for me. So a touchy, feely kind of person would be good.

I would also love to find someone in the Boston area. This would make for much easier training, as we could be within reach of one another. We’ll be spending quite a bit of time together, side by side, running through the streets of Boston.

I look forward to communicating with a few folks and finding the right guide. I am also open to having 2 guides, each one running half of the marathon. It may be hard to find someone at this point who can do the entire 26.2 miles with me. For some reason, it has taken me some time to write up this post.

Shoot me an email, [email protected]

Thank you.

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  1. Stephanie Swanson January 7, 2014 at 12:07 pm

    Hey Josh – good luck in your quest to find the perfect running partner. I won’t wish you luck for the race though since that’s not what it takes to accomplish this goal. Luckily for you, you already have what it takes so instead, I will wish you good health and that you have fun and enjoy this entire experience. I will be rooting for you the entire way and look forward to following your progress. Have FUN!

  2. Hi Josh,

    Are you aware of Team With A Vision organized through the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired? Reach out to Josh Warren who runs the operation swimmingly, he can probably match you with a guide. The MABVI phone number is 617-738-5110. I’m currently matched with another runner, else would have been happy to join you.

    Best regards, and kudos on your running mate, keep it going.


  3. Hi, Josh, I found your blog when someone on my charity team (LLS TNT) posted a link to this page. I’m not your guy; I live a little too far away and I’m more than a little too slow for you (this year’s Boston Marathon is my first attempt at the distance).

    I hope you’ll post which wave you’ll be in – I’ll be watching for you! For what it’s worth, I’ve reposted the link here on my social media pages. Good luck on the search!


  4. Joshua Grzegorzewski January 8, 2014 at 3:02 pm

    Josh, have you reached out to the Massachusetts Association for the Blind (MAB). A couple of us local area runners worked with them last year to be guides for visiting runners who could not bring their own, or in my case to supplement for the existing guide in a “relay” capacity. I am currently “in reserve” for this purpose again for some of the “fast” runners that have expressed interest in competing this year but KNOW you will be able to find people locally to train with and serve as your guide either with or without assistance from MAB.


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